About us

Chatrapur Women’s College is a Non- Government college under Berhampur University. It is situated in the heart of the town which offers a good and healthy atmosphere for academic pursuits. This institution imparts education in Arts in +3 level. This college is having highly qualified staff who not only guide the students for their academic growth but also look after their all-around development. This college also provides good library facilities. The non-teaching staff of the college also takes a great care of the office work for the smooth functioning of the institution. Above all, the college governing body stands as the Light House in showing the right direction to the institution to face the waves of different challenges in achieving its goal in the field of quality education.

The Emblem:
The emblem of the sacred temple of learning “Chatrapur Women’s Degree College” symbolizes - a journey from ignorance to knowledge, a journey from darkness to enlightenment. The sanctity of the ambience serves its divine destination creating an inward awareness for the upliftment of budding souls dispelling all forms of shadows pervading in their existence.

Certificate of Registration of Societies: - ACT XXI of 1860

No:-GJM 1960 – 133/92-93
PAN No: - AACAC0154A
TAN No: - BBNC01964E
Mail ID: -

First Permission -1998-1999 DHE letter no:-5m-IV-120-99/13155 dated-07/03/2000
First Temporary Recognition – DHE letter no.-2458 dated -15/01/2001 for 64 seats
First Temporary Affiliation- BU letter no.-15185 /Acad-I dated-29/12/2000 XV-113/98(for64 seats)
Permanent Affiliation (64 seats) BU No- 7749 / Acad-I dated-22/8/2007 XV-113/98
Permanent Recognition for 64 seats Regional Director letter no:- VII-RDE(HPC)1/03 – 734 dated- 08/3/2006 64 to 96 seats and opening of (Hons)
01. Permission of opening of Hons in History & Education. Permission letter no – VII – RDE(HPC) 01/03-3796 dated- 01/11/2003
Opening of English(Hons) in 2005-2006
Temporary Recognition:-History(Hons)-16 seats Education(Hons)-16 seats English(Hons)-08seats
Letter no-Regional Director HPC -2007-2008
Enhancement of seats from 64 to 96 letter no-III-RDE(HPC)-02/2011, 414 dated 22/01/2011
Permanent Recognition to Education (Hons),History(Hons)and English(Hons) Letter no – V-RDE(Rec)-01/2007 1724, dated- 02/04/2011
Permanent Recognition 64 to 96 seats No – III-RDE(HPC)-01/2016 6125, dated 26/11/2013 Permission to open Odia (Hons)-16 seats
Office order No-V-RDE(Rec)-07/08 3728, dated-18/06/2013 Permission to increase seats from 96 to 192 and (Hons) & Elective of Home Sc. And Psychology and( Hons) of Pol.Sc . Office order No-III-RDE(P/R) 47/09, 3339 dated – 02/07/2015 Permanent affiliation of English,History,Education(Hons) BU No-6214/Acad-I dated- 20/06/13